VLC media player is an amazing video and audio player that brings support for many platforms and a wide range of video and audio formats.

Probably the best media player available. It works perfectly where other media players fail.

It really works very well when it comes to playing audio or video formats that are not very common or can’t be played with other tools.

It also has a lot of other features like streaming, but the standard features are used more frequently.

It provides a lot of useful shortcuts and features like fast or slow playback and it is easy to use.

VLC media player allows you to create playlist for music and video files. You can also export and import playlist from other players.

If you want to hear music, you can use the built-in equalizer and adjust your audio settings for best music playback.

VLC media player also supports subtitles for video translation and allows you to playback only the audio track of a video. This feature is useful on a mobile phone if you want just to listen and save the battery of your smartphone by not displaying the video itself.

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